Honest – I have been busy!

It is Pantomime time and, as my hero will tell you, I have a small part.

But, to be honest –  I shouldn’t have to say that, you should now be thinking He must usually lie or maybe This will be at least an exaggeration- Panto practice is very tough!

My other excuse for not really doing any exercise is the unbelievable wet weather.  We are lucky we live in a part of up north where it is not flat and so have not flooded like Cockermouth and York.

Blimey the sun’s out!  I’m going for a  walk to set me up for the first performance.


Year Rio

It was four years ago – a whole Olympic cycle – that I spent New Year in hospital.  Even though I may admit to having a health issue, I am starting a Janathon.  Perhaps it will be the first one I finish.

Day 1 Activity:  Cycling one hour and a bit.

Grandad Dancing

Juneathon 2015 – Day 13

Weight: 76.7 kg (what!)

Activity: Dancing – 2 hours

C , my hero, went off to do her parkrun, as usual leaving me to get the Saturday Graun.

In my attempt to recover from yesterday’s excessive activities (followed by more gardening) I had only just got up when she returned, and so I started my day with a brisk walk for the said paper.

A young friend of ours has just reached the grand old age of 60 and is having a bit of a do tonight, so the proper Juneathon Activity is dancing today.  Unfortunately there will also be a bit of improper drinking.

More Snaking

Juneathon 2015 Day 12- Friday

Weight: 77.7 kg

Activity: Cycling

I didn’t tell you the whole story about cycling on the Snake Pass on Wednesday.  We did not actually get to the top as my hero had a sports massage appointment later in the afternoon.

So off we went again to join the Smiley Sheffield Cyclists.

We did make it to the top this time.  Right up to where the Pennine Way crosses the A57 past Doctor’s Gate.  Unfortunately C turned off her Garmin while she was waiting for me part way up – she goes up faster than me – and I forgot to stop mine when I got back first to the car at Ladybower – I go down faster than her – so we do not have an accurate set of GPS figures.

Gardening Leave or Leaving the Gardening?

Juneathon 2015 Day 11 – Thursday

Activity: Gardening

This was a very active day in the garden, honest.

We have had builders in the house for 3 months and they have been working inside and outside and storing stuff in the garden.  Now that they have gone I am having to catch up with all the stuff that I have been claiming the builders have been stopping me doing.

Cutting grass for the first time in the year when it is a foot tall is enough of a job, and has already taken a couple of days.

Snaking over the Pennines

Juneathon 2015 Day10 – Wednesday

Activity: Cycled 28 km

There’s been a lot of excitement amongst Sheffield cyclists this week – Snake Pass is closed to vehicles.  Bicycles seem to still be allowed.

Some retaining walls are being rebuilt and other maintenance is being carried out for the next few days.

My hero and I cycled up there this morning from Ladybower Reservoir up to further than Snake Inn. There were lots of us doing it as it was a lovely day.  We got some great views of Kinder and the Upper Derwent Valley.